My socio-artistic practice has its origins in the conviction that being a studio artist is too isolated for me to translate my concerns about the world into work with social impact. I want to reach people who are outside my network and converse with people with other convictions, values and backgrounds. I want to break with my sense of social spectatorship and investigate and challenge who ‘the other’ is in our society. Social interventions that rely on co- creation and participation proved to be the best means for this. They are the key to a practice that operates at the center of society.

I work on topical issues that have social and/or political urgency. Recurring issues are: citizenship and politics of exclusion, alternative histories, polarization and neoliberalism.
For these macro issues I look for translations that are close to the daily and private life of the participants and myself. The projects therefore begin by creating a personal bridge, as a tool to discuss contested, often uncomfortable questions and to create more understanding for different perspectives.
Each project is closely tailored, made for a specific context and its stakeholders. Because of the diversity of contexts and communities I use a wide range of strategies. This varies from community art projects to organizing political pranks; from making public sculptures to giving lectures and workshops; and from researching off-grid living methods to social interventions. With these projects I hope to inspire my audience to a poetic and often humorous form of engagement: a light revolt against the conventional and linear.

As a special treat, please find here a link to one of the most complete articles about my endeavours, a must read for lovers of Himmelsbach and the revolution of daily life: The author is Bart Plantenga, whose work appeared on a.o. the BBC, NPR, ABC, WNYC, WFMU, in the Guardian and the Times.


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