Platform for Unasked Art


Welcome to Platform for Unasked Art
A platform for interventions in social space

The Platform for Unasked Art is a platform for interventions in social space which bypasses the institutional moderator by using social space as its gallery, museum, studio and living room. The platform seeks to engage the social space as a meeting point rather than an in-between crossover.

Founded and run by Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries, Taya Hanauer, and Cecile Wentges

Cities have their city poets,

Holland has its “dichter des vaderlands”.

But how about art and public space?

It is often said that public space should retrieve its role as a meeting-point, instead of being a purely functional, transitional space in between private and institutionalized spaces. Yet, the only people who use it as a living-room are seen as a problem, like hanging youth or the homeless.

Through artworks placed in public space, Platform for Unasked Art reclaims the possibilities of public space beyond the institutionalization and seclusion that govern our lives. Placing artworks outside and hosting openings, PfUA seeks to personalize and add depth and a story to daily surroundings, as well as engage the passer-by.

A lot of so called “studio artists” have the idea to do something outside their art-spaces.

But what is a plan without a deadline?

We are this deadline, we are a stage for public interventions

We are the city’s guerrilla curators