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Public Collection of Hidden Artworks – Chapter 1- December 18, 2014, 16:00 Amsterdam

‘Public Collection of Hidden Artworks’ is an artistic/curatorial project of Institutional Critique and an ephemeral exhibition first initiated in Amsterdam and planned to take place in different cities and places. In each place, the project seeks to show artworks that would otherwise not be shown by asking artists to leave their artworks in the social spaces of the street, forming a collection that purposely contradicts the Modern art Museum’s claims to being ‘public’ and critical towards itself. Being left on the street, the collection is meant to be ephemeral rather than eternal, exposed rather than sterile, and vulnerable to whatever might happen to it. It is a gesture suggesting at once what might happen if the museum was truly willing to question its authority and ask for the importance of the works in its collection, running the risk of irrelevance. At the same time, it is a gesture allowing each artist to give value to their own work by selecting it from their personal collections, placing it at their chosen spot, and making part of the larger framework of this project. The main implications of this project are firstly to bring artworks otherwise ‘hidden’ or unseen in contact with the public in a direct way, and secondly to provoke questions of recognition and value that are tied up in the relationship of artist, institution, collection, and audience.

The artists participating in chapter 1, December 18, 2014, 16:00, Amsterdam:

Benjamin Brandenburg, Maurice van Daalen, David Hanauer, Nina Janssen, Dafna Rehavia, Janina Schipper, Risja Steeghs, Simon van der Weele, and Cecile Wentges

Below, under each artist’s name, you will find a three to four photographs documenting their artwork in its chosen place outside

1 Nina Janssen
Concrete Bag on Chair
Chair on Feet/Dip chair
Museumplein outside fenced public garden

Nina Janssen   Nina Janssen2

nina janssen6 (2)  Nina Janssen4

2 David Hanauer
The Collar
Prinsengracht 267, near Anne Frank House

david hanauer 1   david hanauer 2

david hanauer 3 david hanauer 4

4 Janina Schipper
Permanent Red Shade & Mars Violet

Janina Schipper 3  Janina Schipper2

janina schipper 4janina schipper 5

5 Maurice van Daalen
A Proposal for a Modern Art Museum
Jaagpad railway under the bridge

maurice van daalen  Maurice van Daalen

Maurice van Daalen
6 Benjamin Brandenburg
See What There is to See

benjamin brandenburg3  benjamin brandenburg

benjamin brandenburg2  benjamin brandenburg

7 Dafna Rehavia
Metal benches in Jephtastraat close to Blue Tower Hotel

Dafna Rehavia, Remanent  dafna rehavia 2

dafna rehavia 3  dafna rehavia 4

8 Risja Steeghs
Sacre Bebe

Rijsa Steeghs  rijsa steeghs3

Rijsa Rijsa steeghs1

9 Cecile Wentges
Left to Leave
Gustav Mahlerplein

IMG_7994  IMG_7980


11 Simon van der Weele
Voor Willem Witteveen
Thorbecke Statue at Thorbeckeplein

simon van der weele simon van der weele 2

simon van der weele 3simon van der weele 4

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