I Do Believe In You

Troost in koude dagen

I Do Believe In You

During a solo exhibition in Moira-Utrecht, I used the gallery space as my home base to give Utrecht an ultimate ‘visual pat on the back’ during the cold winter months.

In large numbers, I printed and pasted the Sinterklaas (Dutch Santa Claus like celebration) poster with the text “I Do Believe In You” on the streets of Utrecht. In addition, I was present every expo day, where I received visitors in my temporary open living room. Visitors could go to confession, receive advice about everything or get an introduction to my projects, which stand between art, life and social interaction. In the evening, I offered a program of home-cooked meals, a trip to exotic dining spots, screened films that are guaranteed to enrich your life and took visitors on an adventure to underground dance halls.

The literal highlight of the exhibition was the huge banner with the text “I Do Believe In You” which I hung from the Utrecht cathedral, in the name of the saintly man. For this action, I was arrested on 5 December (Saint Nicolas day).

Get a complete impression of this exhibition action month by checking the following video (Dutch spoken):




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