The Monument for Okay People

Een monument voor de 99%

The Monument for Okay People

Could I use the same tools as governments use to write (alternative) history(’s)?

The Monument for Okay People started with the idea that I wanted to promote my rare and obscure inspiration sources. There are such a lot of great artists and obscure makers who have not gotten enough recognition or attention for devoting their lives to doing great projects.

Slowly the monument grew into an ongoing participatory monument. Every year I include new names, engraved in cement tiles, at the feet of the monument. As of last year, people can download a form at my website, collect 10 signatures and add the name of their ‘okay person’.

The first 70 names

In popular occupy terms I call it a monument for ‘the 99%’, for those people who are not mentioned on monuments. A monument for my friends and obscure inspirators, artists, writers.

It’s built exactly in the geographical center of the Netherlands, on a dike at the side of the Veluwemeer near Biddinghuizen. It’s an attempt to give our culture the thumbs up with the help of this ritualistic tool. 2015-Now.

Do you want to add your okay people? Please download this form and follow the instructions: Monument for okay people participation form

Monument Voor Prima mensen Himmelsbach

Monument voor prima mensen Himmelsbach