My socio-artistic practice has its origins in the conviction that being a studio artist is too isolated for me to translate my concerns about the world into work with social impact. I want to reach people who are outside my network and converse with people with other convictions, values and backgrounds. I want to break with my sense of social spectatorship and investigate and challenge who ‘the other’ is in our society. Social interventions that rely on co- creation and participation proved to be the best means for this. They are the key to a practice that operates at the center of society.

I work on topical issues that have social and/or political urgency. Recurring issues are: citizenship and politics of exclusion, alternative histories, polarization and neoliberalism.
For these macro issues I look for translations that are close to the daily and private life of the participants and myself. The projects therefore begin by creating a personal bridge, as a tool to discuss contested, often uncomfortable questions and to create more understanding for different perspectives.
Each project is closely tailored, made for a specific context and its stakeholders. Because of the diversity of contexts and communities I use a wide range of strategies. This varies from community art projects to organizing political pranks; from making public sculptures to giving lectures and workshops; and from researching off-grid living methods to social interventions. With these projects I hope to inspire my audience to a poetic and often humorous form of engagement: a light revolt against the conventional and linear.


As a special treat, please find here a link to one of the most complete articles about my endeavours, a must read for lovers of Himmelsbach and the revolution of daily life: The author is Bart Plantenga, whose work appeared on a.o. the BBC, NPR, ABC, WNYC, WFMU, in the Guardian and the Times.

Email: info<at>himmelsbach<dot>nl
Telephone: 0031-6-13413232

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Selection of exhibitions (partly updated at 28/12/22)

2022 Group exhibition en festival ‘Lets Gro’, Forum Groningen
2022 Artfair ‘This Art Fair’, Amsterdam
2022 Artfair ‘BIGART’, Het Hem, Zaandam
2022 Group exhibition ‘Stadsverwanten’, Stadsarchief, Amsterdam
2022 Parade ‘Kunst Corso’ Culturele Stelling, Amsterdam
2022 Digital contribution to internet art platform Cosmos Carl
2022 Group exhibition ‘IederÉén’, Museum De Domijnen, Sittard
2021 Solo exhibition “Kunst kan ongedocumenteerden gezicht geven’, Kunst Kan…, Amsterdam
2021 Group exhibition and residency at ‘Vrijdenkers / Freethinkers’, Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam
2021 Group exhibition ‘The Situation is Fluid’ Capital C Gallery, Amsterdam
2021 Solo exhibition ‘Amsterdam Art Week’ Werkplaats Molenwijk, Framer Framed Amsterdam
2020 Group exhibition ‘Realisme nu’ Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Schiedam
2020 Duo exhibition with Rieks Swarte, Kunst Centrum Haarlem, Haarlem
2020 One night group exhibition and presentation ‘Heden’ VHDG, Leeuwarden
2020 Residence en solo exhibition ‘Residentie Molenwijk’ Framer Framed, Amsterdam
2020 Start Community art project ‘Het Monument voor Prima Dieren’ Slachthuisbuurt, Haarlem
2020 Digital exhibition ‘Corona in de stad’ Framer framed / Amsterdam Museum
2020 Downloadable exhibition ‘Print and Play’, artist initiative Print and Play
2020 Filmprogram activistic art ‘Mars’, Plaatsmaken, Focus Filmtheater, Arnhem
2019 Group exhibition/performance ‘Taal voor Eenzaamheid’ Framer Framed, Amsterdam
2019 Performance ‘Mijn Ritueel’ Buurtsalon Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam
2019 Group exhibition ‘De heks van Dongen / Dongen Revisited, Stedelijk Museum Breda, Breda
2018 Group exhibition ‘Orakel’ Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2018 Group exhibition ‘Één’ De Domijnen, Sittard
2018 Group exhibition ’The Vivid Unknown’ Rosalux, Berlin
2018 Group exhibition Civil Disobiedience, De Ruimte, Ghent
2018 Group exhibition and performance night ‘Not For Profit Art Party’, Roodkapje, Rotterdam
2018 Group exhibition ‘Hier besta ik’, Stichting Artless, Amsterdam
2018 Intervention in public space, Sleepwet Festival, Nijmegen
2018 Group exhibition, ‘Silent Majority’, Kunstenlab Deventer
2017 Group Exhibition ‘Silent Majority’ Tetem, Enschede
2017 Group project ‘Hier Ben Ik’, initiated by Hester van Hasselt, Bianca Sistermans and Tabo Goudswaard
2017 Group exhibition ‘Alternative Truths’, Paraplufabriek, Nijmegen
2017 Group exhibition ‘WOW Open’, curated by Rob Malasch, KunstRAI 2017
2017 Performance and refugees’ reunion ‘We Are Here’, community design platform The Beach, Amsterdam
2017 Group exhibition ‘Raamvertelling’, Bellamy Kabinet, Amsterdam
2017 Solo exhibition ‘Examples on how to deal with society’, Bookstore Space Amsterdam
2017 Solo exhibition ‘A Paper Monument for the Paperless’, Kunsttraject, Amsterdam
2016 Group exhibition ‘Spielerei’, Schunck, Heerlen
2016 Group exhibition “/|\”, W139, Amsterdam
2016 Performative installation ‘Een Papieren Monument voor de Papierlozen’, art fair Poppositions, Brussels
2016 Group exhibition ‘PaltzArt’, Landgoed de Paltz, Soest
2016 Residency ‘New Europeans’ during The Netherlands EU-Presidency, Amsterdam
2015 Group exhibition ‘Art In Odd Places RECALL’, Lodge Gallery, New York
2015 Group exhibition ‘Powerbrokers’, Artist Initiative De Kaping, Amersfoort
2014 Performance ‘One Hour Of Free Help’, at public art and performance festival ‘Art In Odd Places’, New York
2014 Group exhibition ‘Costume Bureau’, curated by Roel Arkesteijn, Framer Framed, Amsterdam
2013 Social art project ‘Een Papieren Monument voor de Uitgeprocedeerden’, We Are Here, Amsterdam
2013 Performative installation ‘Visuele Schouderklop Veiling’, Artfestival Nuit Blanche, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam
2013 Group exhibition ‘Souverein Terrein’, Artist Initiative Het Werktuig, Amersfoort
2012 Social art project ‘, Kunst voor het Volk’
2012 Performative installation ‘Wilderswebwinkel’, De Appel, Amsterdam
2012 Performative installation ‘Wilderswebwinkel’, on behalf of Gallery Moira, Utrecht; Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam
2012 Group exhibition ‘Beter Consortium’, curated by Martijn Engelbrecht i.c.w. HMC Den Haag
2012 Artistic research ‘KRIMP Festival’, commisioned by Het Instituut i.c.w. CBK Zeeland and province of Zeeland
2010 Solo exhibition ‘Ik Geloof Wel In Jou’, Gallery Moira, Utrecht
2010 Group exhibition ‘The People United Will Never Be Defeated’, curated by Jonas Staal, Tent, Rotterdam

Commissions and projects
2020 (Start of) community artproject ‘Het Monument voor Prima Dieren/ A Monument for Okay Animals’,
Haarlem, assigned by BPD Amsterdam
2019 Became father of a small Himmelsbach, Amsterdam
2018 ‘February Strike memorial day’ poster design, commisioned by Comité Herdenking Februaristaking, Amsterdam
2015 (Delivery of) community artproject ‘Het Monument voor Prima Mensen’, Slachthuisbuurt-Haarlem, commisioned by Ymere,
2016 Residency ‘New Europeans’ during The Netherlands EU-Presidency, Amsterdam
2014 (Delivery of) Sculpture ‘Het Monument voor Prima Mensen’,  Kunstroute Flevo Ku(n)st Boulevard, Biddinghuizen
2014 (Delivery of) community artproject ‘Het Monument voor Prima Mensen’, Slachthuisbuurt-Haarlem
2013 (Start of) social art project ‘Een Papieren Monument voor de Papierpozen’, We Are Here, Amsterdam
2012 Social art project ‘, Kunst voor het Volk’,
2011 Artistic research ‘KRIMP Festival’, commisioned by Het Instituut i.c.w. CBK Zeeland and province of Zeeland
2011 (Start of) community artproject ‘Het Monument voor Prima Mensen’, Slachthuisbuurt-Haarlem, commisioned by Ymere
2011 (Start of) sculpture ‘Het Monument voor Prima Mensen’,  Kunstroute Flevo Ku(n)st Boulevard, Biddinghuizen
2010 Social art project ‘Een Dag Gratis Hulp’, No Academy, Amsterdam

Presentations/ workshops / performances
2021 BK Info Jubileum symposium, Utrecht,
2021 ArtEZ Winterlab, Zwolle
2020 ArtEZ Zomerlab, Zwolle/digital,
2020 Fine art AKI, Enschede
2020 Actieacademie/InHolland, Rotterdam
2019 KABK, Den Haag
2019 ONSbank/Het Instituut, Amsterdam
2019 Aanpak eenzaamheid, Amsterdam
2019 Gemeente Amsterdam, Amsterdam
2019 Framer Framed, Amsterdam,
2019 Stadsleven met Tracy Metz Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
2018 Museum De Pont, Tilburg
2018 EYE, Amsterdam
2018 Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
2018 Framer Framed, Amsterdam
2018 Roodkapje, Rotterdam
2018 Y van Columbus, Amsterdam
2017 The Beach, Amsterdam
2017 Bureau Buitenbereik / Storing AUB, De Wijk
2017 Kunstenlab Deventer / Trendbureau Overijssel, Zwolle/Enschede
2016 UvA-Het Zijlstra Center, Amsterdam
2016 De Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem
2016 Nacht van de Filosofie, Amsterdam
2016 ONSbank/Het Instituut, Amsterdam
2016 Hogeschool van de Kunsten, Utrecht
2016 Europe by People, Amsterdam
2016 State Secretary of Social Affairs Mrs. Jette Klijnsma, Amsterdam
2015 Columbia University, New York
2015 Pace University, New York
2015 Grafisch Lyceum, Utrecht
2015 Barlaeus Gymnasium, Amsterdam
2015 W139, Amsterdam
2014 Gemeentelijk Cultuur Congres, Rotterdam
2014 ArtEZ, Arnhem
2014 W139, Amsterdam
2014 Illuseum, Amsterdam
2013 Cultuur+Ondernemen, Amsterdam
2013 Broedplaats F. Huyckstraat, Amsterdam
2013 Provo reunion / Cultclub, Amsterdam
2013 Halbebier / Magnetico, Amsterdam
2013 Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
2012 Studium Generale ArtEZ, Arnhem
2011 Studium Generale KABK, Den Haag
2011 Illuseum, Amsterdam
2010 Focus op Kunst, Zwolle
2010 CBKU, Utrecht
2010 Extrapool / OCCII, Amsterdam

Achievements and nominations
2020 Inclusion of ‘Schets interventie: De Heks van Dongen’’ in the collection of Stedelijk Museum Breda
2019 Inclusion of ‘A Paper Monument for the Paperless’ in the collection of The International Institute For Social History, Amsterdam
2019 Winner ‘Gouden Lucifer’, Feest der Onafhankelijken, Amsterdam
2018 Inclusion of ‘A Paper Monument for the Paperless’ in the collection of museum De Domijnen, Sittard
2015 Selected for Art In Odd Places RECALL,‘The best of selection of the past 10 years performance festival’
2013 Prizewinner of ‘Best mini masterclass at Cultuur+Ondernemen’ (prize was a trajectory under the mentorship of curator Roel Arkesteijn)
2012 Article ‘No Academy, kunstenaar legt contact met wereld via de Sint’ featured in VWO examination content 2012/2013 on ‘Social engagement between 1945 and now’
2012 Winner of ‘Kunst moet rollen’ contest, CBKU, Utrecht
2011 Winner of ‘One Minute Awards’ with video ‘Een Gag Gratis Hulp’
2010 Nomination of video ‘Het slechte geeft mij het gevoel er toe te doen’, Tent Academy Awards, Rotterdam
2009 Nomination for René Coelhoprijs
2009 Winner of department prize Beeldende Kunst ArtEZ, Zwolle
2009 Nomination of Academy prize ARTEZ, Zwolle
2009 Nomination ‘Kunst van de dag’,, 30-05-2009

Education and internships
2009 – 2010 No Academy, Labaratory for Art and Society, Amsterdam (Master)
2004 – 2009 Autonome Beeldende Kunst / Fine Art, ArtEZ / CABK, Kampen / Zwolle (Bfa)
2008 – 2008 Internship Studio Jeanneworks (Jeanne van Heeswijk) – assisted in The Blue House and other projects
2007 – 2008 Exchange Programme at Kunsthochschule Weißensee, Berlin
2007 – 2007 Exchange Programme at European Exchange Academy, Beelitz
1996 – 2001 Vrije School Bovenbouw, Meppel

Knipsels en artikelen / Newspaper articles, blogs, and other media links

2020 mister motley, Welke tentoonstellingen moeten we gaan zien? – 9 tips van kunstenaars
2017 Uitkrant Amsterdam, maart2017 Mister Motley, Alternative truths
2017 Nieuwwest Express, Bookstore Pro-gression 172017 De Stentor, Kampen
2017 I love Zuidoost, a paper monument for the paperless
2017 Steenwijker Courant, Kunstevenement Reestzin
2016 Pakhuis De Zwijger, Europe by People book launch


2016 EU2016 cultureel programma Publicatie
2016 BNR Nieuwsradio, Hamer
2016 New Europeans publication ‘Is this what you really want’
2016 Het Parool 04-05-16, ‘Een Papieren Monument voor de Paperlozen’
2016 Uitkrant, may 16, ‘verscholen stad’
2016 New Amsterdam #8, winter 2016 ‘New Europeans’
2016 De grote Amsterdamse kunstkalender (August 22)
2015 Conceptual art calender ‘I am not doing anything until I feel the need’
Social design artikel
Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries, een voorbeeld van goed burgerschap
Geert Wilders en kunst
2010 No Academy publicatie, Nieuwe Relaties