A Paper Monument for the Paperless Edition

Broaden the debate about inclusivity. Include the story of undocumented refugees in our collective memory.

A Paper Monument for the Paperless Edition

‘A Paper monument for the paperless’ limited edition: From street art to conversational piece and ambassador in culture-historical collections, institutes and museums.

Since 2013, the ‘Paper monument’ project has grown from community art workshops into an international street art campaign, as a poetic monument to generate visibility for refugees without identity papers (read more here >)

Test print woodcut graphic art paper monument refugee community art project

‘A Paper monument for the paperless’ has the ambition to rise from its fleeting, activist street context and will be available in a sustainable deluxe limited edition.

There is a need for the story of the paperless to be included in our collective memory and is therefore on the lookout for institutional cooperation and inclusion in public art collections.
This way, the project can evolve from its ‘underground’ street life, with visibility in cities, to a respectable paper ambassador that continues to tell this story as a ‘conversational piece’ within museums, archives and other collections of cultural heritage.

A pop-up woodcut and block print printing workshop in the attic of the Amsterdam Museum during the freethinking exhibition curated by Nathalie Faber

Visit our temporary print studio (read more here >).
Please be welcome and book a visit at the Amsterdam Museum, where the limited edition is printed in a pop-up printing studio during the ‘Freethinkers: from Spinoza to now‘ exhibition from 5 September 2021 until the end of February 2022.

Download the extensive PDF folder with prices here>.

Order and more information: info et himmelsbach dot nl