Idea consultation hour

Idea consultation hour

Note to the reader: This text is written with the aim to invite participants during my working period in community residency Werkplaats Molenwijk* by Framer Framed. I hope to soon re-edit this page and present the results of this performative action. 

In the coming period, until November 16 2020, I’ll be working in Werkplaats Molenwijk*.

I will have consultation hours here every day in which I give artistic advice to the neighborhood and the rest of Amsterdam. You can ask anything: from personal issues to social problems.

What to expect? In my own art practice, I look for fresh ways of dealing with personal issues. For example: When I first lived in Amsterdam, I offered a day of free help to the people of Amsterdam as a self-integration course to make contact with my new environment and to break through the loneliness of “being a newcomer”. Another example: A few years ago, I built a “monument for okay people” to hold all the special people that exist in our common memory.

These are two examples of interventions in which I deal with issues “differently”. For me, interventions are artistic actions in our daily life and environment. It can be done big, but it can also be simple, such as a theatrical speech on a soap box, painting litter or placing an image on a square. Interventions can take place outside your home or inside your home, on a birthday or during a speech from the throne. Interventions give a twist to everyday behavior and give you the courage to step out of your own patterns.

What can I do for you? Do you have a question, a problem or an irritation that you want to turn into positive action? I help, rethink and develop an intervention based on your issue.

Do you have no idea, but does this playful approach sound interesting? Come to Werkplaats Molenwijk on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Here you will find a stimulating installation where you can gain insight into my social interventions. I also draw 160 ideas for art campaigns and monuments not yet performed into manuals and sketches. If you have no idea, you may get inspiration out of this.

If you would like to come by or make use of the consultation hour, please e-mail me at and we will make an appointment.

* Opening hours: Wednesday to Friday from 14.00 till 17:00. My work period lasts until November 16 2021.
Address Werkplaats Molenwijk: Molenaarsweg 3, 1035 EE Amsterdam