Only the worst gives me feelings

A thought experiment

Only the worst gives me feelings

Every political election, I have my doubts about the ritual of electing a representative of the people. Voting for a representative who comes close to me in terms of ideas feels like too little impact for me. In the video “Only the bad gives me the feeling I can make a difference”, I examine the consequences of voting for the “worst”, the politician who I feel only has bad consequences for the future of the Netherlands.

This video was nominated for the Tent Academy Awards.

In the beginning, after I made this video, I was very embarrassed about it. I felt really bad. Only after a while did I understand what I was doing because others translated it. It was a self-examination, I questioned my experience. It would be exactly the same motivation as the normal Wilders voters; namely because it causes a commotion. They don’t vote for him but against the rest.


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