The Himmelsbach Dutch Mountain tarot

The Himmelsbach Dutch Mountain tarot

Antidote Art Festival (mail art edition) invited me to create a performative paper work that allows participants to reflect on the future. I responded with a Tarot card set. This set pays tribute to the art of divination, offering a tool to navigate life’s decisions and paths. These cards offer a jungle of imagination, merging with life’s adventures, serving as a mirror to guide you through the maze of associations beyond the boundaries of reason and common sense. The inspiration for this set comes from various sources, including stone age petroglyphs, Sola Busca tarot, other renaissance tarots, Pamela Colman Smith’s cards, and Himmelsbach symbolism mixed with pop culture. With 500 years of printing history as a backdrop, this set promises a unique and captivating experience.

In addition to the image and symbolism research, this card deck is also an experiment and the first step in fortune telling in combination with idea generating as a social performance.

Note that most cards correspond with the symbology of the Rider Waite deck, making this set applicable to the Rider Waite manual. I like to emphasise: the magic is in asking the question, your subconscious, or whatever belief model you use: the answer follows.

Soon I will also add video tutorials and explanations on how to use this card set on this page.

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