The Shrinkfestival

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The Shrinkfestival

Artist in residence Terhole, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, The Netherlands.

How do you tackle the exodus in demographic areas such as Zeeuws Vlaanderen? Together with Tabo Goudswaard, I was invited to develop a strategy in the project “Krot of Kans (Shack or Chance)” together with sociologists, housing associations, sustainability researchers, photographers, writers and other artists.

The aim was to make the cultural qualities visible together with the residents and administrators of the area. But also to stimulate and improve them, in order to then be able to tailor policy accordingly.

As an example of how to deal with the region’s population decline, we developed a framework called “Het Krimpfestival / The Shrinkfestival“. A strategy to approach shrinkage as a positive force and to open up Zeeuws Vlaanderen annually in a festival form as a national play area.

This is a project of Het Instituut in collaboration with CBK Zeeland and No Academy.

The project was made possible financially by the Province of Zeeland and the Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken, 2012.

The research into the opportunities of the Krimpfestival can be seen at


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