Engraving a tile under The Monument for Okay People



Product Description

Report Okay People!
 The Monument for Okay People is located on a dike in the Flevopolder at the exact geographic center of the Netherlands. The five-meter-high concrete statue is in the shape of a pentagram and has two thumbs up. The sculpture was created to commemorate special, unknown and mostly living people and their stories and thus write an alternative history: one that is contemporary and relevant and one to which the public can contribute.
The Monument for Okay People started with the idea that I wanted to promote my rare and obscure inspiration sources. There are such a lot of great artists and obscure makers who have not gotten enough recognition or attention for devoting their lives to doing great projects.
Slowly the monument grew into an ongoing participatory monument. Every year I include new names, engraved in cement tiles, at the feet of the monument. From 2018 onwards, people can download a form from my website, collect 10 signatures and add the name of their ‘okay person’.
In popular ‘occupy (Wall Street) terms’ I call it a monument for ‘the 99%’, for those people who are not mentioned on monuments. A monument for friends and obscure inspirators, artists, and writers.

Suggest someone yourself?
This can be a mentor, inspirator, friend, or muse; a person who carries an inspiring story or who has a special meaning.
 To realize the tile at the monument: Donate €60,- for the engraving costs, motivate your choice, and collect 9 other people’s motivations who support this choice via the form below. Irregular, once a year I make and add the new tiles!

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