‘Ik Geloof Wel In Jou’ / ‘I Do Believe In You’ limmited edition print


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Unveil the Magic of Innocence: ‘I Do Believe in You’ / ‘Ik Geloof Wel In Jou’ Limited Edition Screenprint


Embark on a nostalgic journey with one of the final prints of ‘I Do Believe in You’ / ‘Ik Geloof Wel In Jou’, an enchanting graphic work that has been consoling lost souls since 2010. Originally a wildly popular poster, this piece brings comfort and a whimsical touch to those wandering through the Randstad.

This print encapsulates a poignant childhood symbol: Sinterklaas. It represents the bittersweet loss of our childlike innocence, echoing the moment when the realization that Santa wasn’t real marked the end of our magical universe and the onset of rational, materialistic adulthood. This artwork is more than a print; it’s a gateway to a time when magic and imagination were limitless.

In this artwork, find a glimmer of hope, a path to reclaim the lost warmth and magic of childhood, with the comforting thought that Santa still believes in us, even if we have ceased to believe in him.

Limited to only 15 prints, each ‘I Do Believe in You’ screenprint is a two-colour marvel printed on 200-gram wood-free paper, measuring 50×70 cm. More than just a print, this piece is a slice of history, a Himmelsbach original, famously featured on the full cover front page of the NRC Handelsblad’s Cultural Supplement.

Available for a special price of €300 (including 9% VAT) only until the 5th of December, after which the price will rise. Seize this opportunity to own a piece of artistic and emotional heritage. Your purchase not only acquires a work of art but also supports the next Himmelsbach surprise art installation.

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