Poster print and shipping costs for activists

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Product Description

Please read this carefully before ordering a set of posters: 

These posters are only for people who commit to glueing ‘A paper monument for the paperless’ in public space. Due to the lack of prints these posters are not for handing out or for institutional or personal use. If you want to do something else than glueing the posters in public space (like collecting the posters, using them in collages, hanging them in or around your house/institution) then you can order the newspaper posters for €15,- + shipping and thereby sponsor this project:  –> link <–


Never order too many posters
Please order only the amount that you will glue in your city.


Too expensive?
I understand that even the shipping costs of a pack of posters can be too expensive for certain regions in the world. For these people I’m making a PDF with all of the sixty portraits cut into four DIN A4 parts, so you can print the posters yourself. Let me know if you are interested in this option by emailing me at


Let’s talk
I’ll invite everybody who orders above the 150 posters(or anybody who like to) to have a short (video) call. It’s great to meet fellow street artists and activists and share insights. Such a meeting gives me also the opportunity to verify intentions and avoid the loss of posters.


Technical details
These posters are offset printed on 45 grams of DIN A2 (59,4 cm / 42 cm) newspaper paper.


Glue advice
Alone you glue around 100 posters in an evening. A city like Amsterdam needs at least 400 posters, but 32 or 64 strategically placed posters can already have a lot of impact. For example, we hung 32 prints directly opposite the contemporary art museum (Stedelijk Museum) in Amsterdam where a lot of tourists find out about this project and order a set of posters for their own country and city.
Check here some glue instructions: –> link <–

Additional information

Weight 0,011 kg
Dimensions 40 × 36 × 0,3 cm

32 posters, 64 posters, 96 posters, 128 posters, 150 posters, 200 posters, 300 posters, 400 posters

Country of destination

The Netherlands, Europe, The rest of the world